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Autoclave is a large steam equipment, which can be usd in steaming lime-sand brick, flyash brick, slag brick, the air concrete block, cement pile, and other cement products. Our company can manufacture all kinds of autoclaves according to requirements of users to meet the demands of application.

Autoclaves of our company have been developed with the best features of similar products at home and abroad. The design of main pressure parts have been done according to finite element analysis and all kinds of stress test to improve strength calculation.

Autoclave structure is steel horizontal cylinder design, and the whole autoclave body adopts Q345R steel plate. Autoclave body flange, autoclave cover flange both feature 16MnIIforge piece to manufacture. Weld of pressure parts have been inspected with X-ray non-destructive testing and heat treatment according to GB150-2011(Pressure Vessel) industrial standard. Sealing of autoclave door adopt imported rubber seal ring which is produced by professional manufacturers. It features easy installation, good sealing and long service life. According to different parts of autoclave body bearing, we set up hold-down support, movable bearing support and customization according to geographical requirements. It adapts expansion and contraction of autoclave body well and ensure steam distribution pipe and rail. Besides, we specially install sealing gas mask, hydrophobic cover.

Products are complete and available with manual control and computer control. Autoclave door adopts active-opening structure, and opens and closes by hand speed reducer or can be electric driven, aerodynamic driven and hydraulic driven. The equipment deploy perfect safety chain protection device, which avoids mistaken operation during high limit, and ensures safe operation of autoclave and safe production of operation staff. The way of opening door has side-opening door and up-sliding door depending on users selection. Side-opening adopts rotating arm type opening structure, flexible turning, low operating, and easy opening. Up-sliding door adopts lever-type opening structure, leverage bottom connects with autoclave door. At the top of the door, there is counterweight device, and this type opens easily and kettle side occupies small space.

Autoclave deploy safety valve, pressure gauge, temperature element air release valve, seal ball valve, trap and so on. We have drainage pipe connectors for the user matching use.

Autoclave Technology Points:
Autoclave belongs to low cycle fatigue pressure vessel. So the right choice of main pressure part material is especially important. Selection principles has the following five:

1) According to service conditions of vessels, such as design temperature (design pressure, medium characteristic, operating feature). Selected material should have enough strength. This is necessary for autoclave to bear all kinds of loads.
2) Good toughness. If material toughness is not good, it will directly effect service life of autoclave which is considered by low cycle fatigue stress. This is one of the main reasons which cause brittle failure of autoclaves.
3) Good process and weldability. In order to improve weldability, we should use low phosphorus sulfur of high-quality steels which carbon content is less than 0.25%. It needs better cold heat processing.
4) Good corrosion resistance
5) Material price is reasonable and source of goods is ample


Advantages of Brickwell Autoclave (Imported)


1. Patented technologies:
Many parts of autoclave such as Automatic Hydraulic Opening Door (Process and Device), Cutting Kettle Tooth, Pressure Drainage Device of Autoclave and Electrical Safety Interlock Device of Autoclave are patented and tested technologies.

2. Material:
a) Special die double scale container board of Q345R-GB713.
b) 16MnIIlevel of making flange forging
c) Adopt φ133×25 to make tube of DN100, and the material is 20-GB9948.

3. Process:
a) After welding kettle door, it must proceed annealing heat treatment.
b) Polish toothed cutter of flange of autoclave body, and carry out magnetic particle testing.
c) Use double scale container board, and ensure the longitudinal joint of each section.
d) Carry out the physical and chemical test (stretch, impact), ensure its strength.
e) Welds are 100% X-ray detection, then carry out hydraulic test of 2.1MPa after passing. The whole process is complete inspected by CSEI factory inspection, and leave factory after stamp and signature .

4. Security Measures:(Triple Security)
a) Hand speed reducer installs mechanical interlocking, and components don’t move when there’s pressure in kettle.
b) Equipped with manual limited safety interlocking device, stuck kettle manually, and when it opens , then we can open the door.
c) Equipped with electric limited safety interlocking device,use cooperatively with manual limit, and connect with electric cabinet, rotating electrical ark with pressure and sound-light alarm.

Brickwell After-sales service
1.Provide reasonable suggestions for production line of autoclave of users to yield the greatest efficiency of equipments.
2.Freely direct position, installation, debugging, and on-site training to use normally, and direct users to use autoclave safely, high efficiently, and conveniently.
3.Provide quick-wear parts and spare parts for free.
4.Review clients for usage of autoclave