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Wall Grooving Machine

Wall Grooving Machine

Brickwell wall-grooving machines make grooves in the walls as if they are made of butter. The high-RPM machine that cuts smoothly through walls. This machine saves time and labour and maintains a clean build-site with minimal dust and zero collateral damage to the walls.

Make grooves in the walls as if they are made of butter. High-RPM machine that cuts smoothly through walls

The Size and Specs of Machine is mentioned Below:

Weight of Machine – 6.000Kgs

width of jhhari cuttter – 35 mm

depth of jhhari cutter – 35mm

consumption of electricity – 3500 Watts , Single phase .

With AAC bricks the cutting of 15000mtrs without change of blades has clocked.

can cut only Red Clay Bricks , Fly Ash Bricks , AAC Blocks , Concrete Blocks with the machine.

With its blade, every surface and every material becomes a manageable challenge. Speed up cutting jobs exponentially.

Features of machine:

  • 3500W Cutting Power
  • 7000 RPM/min makes it smooth to tackle any material
  • Dual handles for Horizontal and Vertical cutting jobs
  • Dust extraction for clean and tidy job
  • Maintain low-pollution environment for workers